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NIPPO show 6th septmber 2020

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What we love

To be an umbrella for the Shikoku worldwide.
We try to protect and serve this breed for many years (since 1997 outside Japan) and raised the WSSK in the year 2011.
We became official friendclub with NIHONKEN HOZONKAI since 2018, and organise a wonderful event every two year (at least we try), in full cooperation with our beloved NIPPO

About the breed

The Shikoku is a loyal and proud ancient breed from Japan. Its a very loving caring breed and a mens best friend, a real familydog. Family is the most important for a Shikoku. His huntingskills are still there but experience told us that he prefers his friends over something to hunt for, when the bond with his boss is oke. Thats the first priority to get close with your dog to earn its respect and love. Shikoku is clever and its most precious skill is the ability to adjust to any situation in 2 minutes.People always think a Shikoku needs long and intensive walks, this is really misunderstood. Its first priority is being with its boss, wether its during a walk, a run or hike or laying in front of the tv on the coach it does not matter for a Shikoku. As long as a Shikoku is with his best friend or friends in the family, that is all that matters, Love it is pure love!!

FCI standaard

Read about the FCI standard. Download the PDF here

Nippo friendsclub

We are friends of the Nippo club since 2018. 

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About the WSSK

What you need to know about the Society. We try to serve the owners of the Shikoku breed with events and information. Look for a breeder? We can help you find the best for you. 

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Nippo show 2020 5th april

A Nippo-Style Show At the European Nippo Show we have one Judge so we have one judging ring. Males are first evaluated of each breed, when all males complete, the[…]

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Seminar breeders

Soon we will release the dat of this seminar

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